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Who is your target market?

What is the most profitable niche in your industry for you to market?

What is your message to your target market?

What are the most effective advertising opportunities for you?

We will look at and evaluate every opportunity available, including tv, radio, website, social networking, home or trade shows, brochures, business cards, business networking, billboards, letter campaigns, cold calling, outside sales, follow up marketing, car signs, packaging, signage and more….

What resources are available to help you market your business?

What are your next steps?

How do you network with and get referrals from other businesses?

What are the words you say to bring in customers, create customer loyalty, and get referrals from customers?

Depending on how much education you choose, you will either be developing a marketing plan outline or an actual marketing plan.

You will be learning how to make intelligent marketing choices.

If a sales person were to come to you and say, “My product will absolutely bring you in all the customers you need” you will know immediately if the sales person is full of hot air or if this product might really work.

Applied Knowledge = Intelligence = Success

Your Market

Your Niche

Your Message

What Works

Your Opportunites

Your Resources

Next Steps


Your Language

Developing a Marketing Plan
What will you learn?