My Credentials 

My name is Michael Carlson. My beautiful wife 
Robin and I recently moved to Spokane from 
Alaska. For 34 years, I owned my own business 
in Anchorage, with as many as 40 employees 
at one time. I sold my business and we moved 
here to retire in the sunshine and mild winters. 

I found out pretty quickly that being retired wasn’t all that exciting, so I have turned to two of my greatest passions, teaching and marketing.
For 20 years, I have been an ardent scholar of marketing skills. In addition to the dozens of books and compact disks I have devoured, I studied three and a half years to become a Master Practitioner and Associate Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is an intense study of the psychology of language. This study has taught me how to master the core tenets of effective marketing. I did a one-year in-depth study of hypnosis so I could better understand the role of our subconscious mind in marketing.
I have belonged to a wide variety of networking organizations and have become an expert in creating and teaching networking opportunities.
Put this learning alongside my 34 years of successfully marketing my own businesses and my love of teaching, I have found that I have a very real gift of helping small businesspeople learn how to make intelligent marketing choices.
As a full-time community volunteer, I've spent much of the last five years working with others to solve the continuing issues of "How do I get people interested in what we're doing?" and "How do we get them to participate?" Michael and Target Marketing came on the scene and within weeks had us thinking--and acting--like we knew what we were doing in the marketing of our businesses, our community, and our civic activities. It makes a huge difference in how others perceive you, when professionals like Michael and Robin apply their experience to your biggest problems. They brought us a new way of looking at what we need to do. Results? You bet--People sit up and take notice today to what we're doing and what we have to say.  

J.R. Sloan, Business Consultant
MBA, LUTCF, Lt Col USAF (Retired)
Board, Greater Hillyard Business Assoc.
Volunteer, Greater Hillyard Community

A Testimonial for Target  Marketing Spokane
I attended two years of college in Alaska and I did learn some of the basic foundations of business, but my real learning comes from what I call Street Smarts.
Street Smarts is what you learn by doing. It is the real life application of what works in real business life. While I absolutely believe that college is important for many people, I also believe your real education begins once you experience everyday business life.
I have some formal education, a lot of book learning, and over 32 years of marketing experience based on Street Smarts.
A Testimonial for Target  Marketing Spokane
With Michael's knowledge and guidance in developing a marketing plan for AdvancedPCSolutions LLC, we have been able to have one of the best quarters in the 1st year of using his services. I would recommend his marketing skills to other businesses.

Larry Vierra
Advanced PC Solutions LLC
A Testimonial for Target  Marketing Spokane
Michael has helped me to learn how to market my Revolving Musicians Project and get it off the ground. We meet or talk after every event and review what I can do to improve my product and how to get more people to attend. What I have learned has made all the difference.

Adam Kogler
The Revolving Musicans Project
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