Personnel training for owner/owners, employees, or sales force.
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We check on how well the marketing plan is working, how well the processes are being followed, and develop new marketing strategies. 
We teach how to write winning bids.
We help create effective presentations.
A communication outline simplifies business interactions.
We can work together to create your marketing strategy or simply to work on any marketing needs you may have.

Session structure 
& costs

The Road to Success
Target Marketing Spokane provides your company a hands-on experience in which we together create a 
marketing plan outline. In this process, we discuss every aspect of marketing and find what will give you 
the income-producing results you desire.
By the end of this process, you will know exactly who is your target market, what to say to them, and how 
to say it.You will be able to make intelligent advertising choices that will reach your market with the right message in the most cost-effective manner possible.
You will develop referral relationships with other industries that will bring you many customers.
You will learn the art of communication that will entice new customers, build solid relationships with current customers, and bring in new customers through word-of-mouth referrals.
This process is done in three two-hour sessions over a 21 to 45 day period. After each session, you will have assignments that you do, and I will do research for you. After each session, you will receive a two to three page summary of what was covered as well as the assignment and the next steps.
After the three sessions, you will receive an in-depth summary of your best opportunities, that resources that are available, the messages that will be most effective, and the next steps needed to take advantage of your opportunities.
For the $350 you receive six hours of one on one time plus four hours of my research and creating mock ups and examples. Research could mean that I spend two hours reviewing your website and identifying ways to improve it for customer conversion and search engine optimization. Creating mock ups and examples mean that I could spend time creating a mock up of a postcard, a flyer or a menu that we had discussed.

The cost for all three sessions and summaries is a total of $350.

Continuing marketing education 

Continuing education consists of progressing with the next steps in your marketing plan outline. We will actually create processes together to help you complete the steps started in the marketing plan outline. We also teach how to write winning bids.
This is a more detailed education on marketing that we provide in the three 1.5 hour sessions. The cost is $35 per hour.
These will be very focused sessions and you will receive a written summary of what was taught.

Customized consultation

Many businesses already have their marketing plan in place, but they need help creating their messages and understanding what are the next steps.
For example, a business may want to be more effective in a home show they are participating in. We can work with them to create a more effective booth, work with what they say to visitors at the booth, evaluate their handouts, and how to most effectively follow up after the show. A consultation like this might take about three hours done in two 1.5 hour sessions.
The cost for these consultations is $35 per hour.

Concept development  

Concept development includes creating advertising concepts, writing scripts, jingles, ad copy, and communication outlines.

A communication outline is a written outline of what to specifically say to customers on the telephone during the initial telephone call, what to say to customers during the business transaction, what to say to the customer during a follow-up call or a reminder call, what specifically to say to referral sources to maximize referral opportunities, and how to deal with upset customers.
The cost for concept development is $35 per hour with a one hour minimum. 

Personnel training

Personnel could be either the owner/owners 
or employees. Working with the communication 
outlines that have been created, we train 
personnel on effective communication, not only 
what to say while following the outline, but also 
how to build rapport and how to defuse difficult 
We can also do communication training for your sales team.
All trainings could be one-on-one or in a group setting.
The cost for personnel training is $35 per hour.

Marketing contracts

You may desire to have a marketing person on staff, but find it is simply not cost efficient. You may be considering having one of your current staff fulfill that role, however, you realize that number one, they are already busy doing what they currently do, and number two, they are not an expert on marketing. 
What you may need is an expert to come in and work for just a couple of days per month to make sure your marketing is working effectively.
This would be a month-to-month contract in which we would come in for a pre-determined number of hours each month. Our first priority is to check to see how well the marketing plan is working, and then make suggestions as appropriate. We would then check to see how well the processes are being followed and how they are working. The next step would be to discuss new marketing opportunities and develop the best strategies to take advantage of those opportunities. These contract hours could also be used for concept development or for personnel training.
The contract would not include acting as a sales person on your behalf. The contract would also not include performing any of the marketing processes such as sending follow-up cards or making follow-up telephone calls. It is much more cost effective for you to have me train your personnel than for me to do these tasks for you.
Our entire focus is to help you build your business by making intelligent choices and by taking advantage of all of your resources.
For $35 per hour, with a minimum of four hours per month, we can contract with you to oversee your marketing plan.

At any level you can use our help, we will be happy to 
provide you with the knowledge and experience that 
will make your business a success.

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