Basic education marketing tips

Know your target market.

Where would your target market look for your product?
If you sold high-end jewelry, would your target market 
be looking for your jewelry in a coupon book?

How do you speak to your target market?
Go into their world and speak to them in their language.

Speak the language of benefits.
Instead of telling people what you do, tell them the benefits they receive from what you do.
A carpet cleaner can say the same old tired thing,”I do residential and commercial carpet cleaning and we give you great service." Or, speaking the language of benefits, the carpet cleaner could say, “Your family can enjoy fresh-smelling, clean carpets”.

Develop quality marketing materials.
The cost for your marketing is not the main criteria. The main criteria is your return on investment. If you spend $50 for 1000 economy business cards versus spending $75 for 1000 quality business cards on excellent card stock with a glossy finish, you would save $25. What does the $50 card say about you to the person you are handing it to? While the $75 cards are more expensive, by the time you hand out 1000 of them, they will bring you in more business and you will feel confident handing them out. When you hand out a cheap looking card, it’s difficult to feel confident. So which card is actually more expensive? The cheaper one. It costs you customers and personal confidence. The same is true of your other marketing materials.

Have professionals create your marketing materials.
Unless you have the right equipment and are trained in putting together marketing material, let a professional do it. Certainly cost is an important factor, but it is the results that matter.

Educate yourself to the many opportunities.
When I work with my customers on how to market their business, the first thing I teach them is research. Looking at and educating yourself on all of the many opportunities to market your business gives you options. If you find an opportunity you like, call other similar businesses that have used that marketing and ask them how it has worked for them.
A word of caution about where you get your advice:
Getting advice from a source that knows less about marketing than you do is never a good idea. Be careful of getting advice from sales people that tell you that their product is all you need and will make you a fortune. This is rarely true and it may cause you to stop using marketing that will work for you. When a sales person wants to sell you advertising, ask for the name and telephone number of people in your industry who have used that product. Call them up and ask them. 

Network network network!
Effective networking is hands-down the best long-term way to get business. Developing referral relationships with businesses related to what you do will bring you in many customers at no or very little cost.

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