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What is the Hillyard Networking Connection? 

Why should you attend?

Because it brings you word of mouth business
Because you build business relationships with other businesses in the area
Because you learn a lot about network marketing
Because it is free
Because it is only one hour twice a month
Because it is a great way to market your business

At least give it a shot one time and see if there is value!

Q. What is it?
A. This is a group of business people from here in the Hillyard area who meet every other week for the express purpose of learning about each other’s businesses and giving each other word of mouth referrals.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. There is no cost to come to this group.

Q. Do I have to come every single meeting to belong?
A. No, however the more often you come to more relationships you build and the more referrals you get.

Q. What kinds of businesses do well in networking groups?
A. Any business that offers a service or product to the general public or business to business where word of mouth referrals are an important part of their  marketing. A dentist or an auto repair shop are examples of businesses that depend on word of mouth referrals to the general public. A marketing company would be an example of a business to business word of mouth industry that would do well. If you sold widgets to the oil companies for drilling 
  oil and word of mouth referrals from the general public is not a part of your marketing then that would be the kind of business that would not benefit. 
  Would your business benefit from word of mouth referrals?

Q. What do you do in these meetings and how long do they last?
A. The meeting last one hour and what happens is 1. Two minute marketing tips on networking 2. Each person gives a one minute “commercial” about their
  business and we might asking them questions 3. Two businesses will chosen to be asked for five minutes each questions from the group. 4. Each person
  will share referrals for or testimonials of other members of the group. That’s it.

Q. When and where is it?
A. Please follow this link to GHBA website calendar- http://sites.google.com/site/hillyardghba/calendar

 The meetings are every other Tuesday morning. Click on the words Hillyard Connection and it will show you where meeting is held.

Come and check it out to see if it can help your business.
Any questions?  tarmarspokane@gmail.com