Create an affordable website 
          Six pages for only $650
For more detailed information about our website design service, see our website for creating affordable websites at 

 You have three choices-

                                          Spend from $800 to over $2000 for someone                                                else to build you a good, functional website.

                                          Download a template and try to create your                                                  own website. (Not for the faint of heart)

                                          Have Target Marketing Spokane create an                                                   attractive and very functional website for $650.

Here is what we do -

We meet for two sessions of two hours each and discuss what you want in the website. (This is where my expertise in marketing really helps compared to the “computer” guy that knows how to build the websites but knows little about marketing).

You provide us with the materials you want to use, and we build the site based on a website template of your choosing, customized for your business with your narrative, your photos, and the colors and styles you choose.

You review the site we have created and 
make changes. We make the changes 
and you review the site again.

You are up and running!
Since you came to this page, we might guess you need a website. I am not going to spend time telling you the advantages of a website. I only need to say one thing.
Right now, as you read this, someone is searching for the service that you provide. They are searching on the internet here in Spokane. If you don’t have a website that can be found, they are finding your competitors.
•  An attractive website
•  A highly functional website
• Six pages for only $650
•  Additional pages only $50 each
•  More than six hours of consultation on the content 
•  The ability to make your own changes to your site
•  24 hour a day customer support
•  A great way to market your business
How do we do this for only $650?
We custom fit website templates already built by Intuit to fit your business.

With over 3,000 templates available to work with and a professional graphic designer in our company, we can make these websites look great and fit your needs.

Using these templates save us many hours of labor, which means you get a professionally-built website for a fantastic price.

The only real noticeable difference between our template-built websites and sites designed from scratch is the price.

Here is what you get -
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