Many marketing consulting companies in Spokane are simply unaffordable to a small business owner

Target Marketing Spokane
is your affordable choice
Hi, my name is Michael Carlson. 
My entire focus is in teaching you how to effectively market your business. I don’t do it for you, I teach you how to do it. More than marketing theory, I teach you what is going to work in real life for your business.
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At only $35 per hour you can afford to be taught what will work for you and why it will work for you. One option for only $350 we can sit down together over the course of three to three six weeks and create a marketing plan outline with all of the steps you need to take and instruction in how to do them.

Another option is to simply identify marketing strategies you want to implement and we dedicate two hour sessions to your learning how to do them effectively.
So you see, my affordable prices have nothing to do with the quality of my work and has everything to do with 
where my heart is, helping those who need my help at a price they can afford.
I know what they say,  you get what you pay for. Let me explain why my price is half of what most consultants charge. 
I have a great passion for working with small business that need my help. This is where my heart is.
 I am semi-retired. I still own a succesfull business in Alaska that gives me a good income. I don't need to charge $70 an hour.
After all, right now is when you are thinking, "How can I improve my marketing?" 
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can get the biggest BANG for your advertising buck.

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What do you need help with?

Overall marketing strategy?

In a few weeks and for only $350 we can create a marketing strategy for you. What works for your company right now in the current market with the resources you have.

Help with your website?

Getting it ranked higher, improving the content,  getting better visitor response, or you just need a good evaluation of your website.

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